A week of coaching, mentoring and leadership in early March in Panama.

$1,000 incentives with no trip allowance if you meet objective A or B.

Members who meet their monthly objectives A or B will receive $ 1000:
-Objective A) CEY sold: 200,000 CEY
-Objective B) CEYZ Package sold: Either 200 Basic Package; 50 Bronze Package; 20 Silver Package; 13 Gold Package; 10 VIP Package or 1 BTM Package

$5,000 and $10,000 incentives and trip all inclusive in early March in Panama (visa, return ticket, hotel, catering) if you meet objective C, D, E or F.

Members or Consultants who meet their monthly objectives C or D will receive $5,000 :
-Objective C) CEY sold: 1,000,000 CEY
-Objective D) CEYZ Pack sold: Either 1000 Basic Pack; 250 Bronze Pack; 100 Silver Pack; 67 Gold Pack; 50 VIP pack or 5 BTM pack

Entrepreneurs or Traders who meet their monthly objectives E or F will also receive $10,000:
-Objective E) CEY sold: 2,000,000 CEY
-Objective F) CEYZ Pack sold: Either 2000 Basic Pack; 500 Bronze Pack; 200 Silver Pack; 133 Gold Pack; 100 VIP Pack or 10 BTM Pack